Gravel Grading Indiana

Driveway, Yard, and Landscape Grading Columbus Indiana

Owner Darin Ness oversees all projects from start to finish, from preparation to delivery and complete installation. Let us help you add to the value of your home or business with our complete grading services. Whether you are building from scratch or just adding to an existing project, we can help!

We work with residential, commercial, and industrial accounts.

Gravel Grading

Eliminate all driveway potholes by scarifying, rolling, and regrading the surface. Occasionally all that is needed is filling potholes using existing materials. If there is need for extra rock, we can provide it. We handle grading for driveways, yards, parking lots, and other areas.

Black & Yard Dirt

This is used for filling in holes and reshaping your yard. It is great for planting beds, garden areas, and filling low spots in the yard.

Landscape Rock is standard washed river rock and is available in different colors. It makes a beautiful addition to your landscaping. It’s a great way to section off flowerbeds, garden areas, and water features. Pea Gravel is available in many different colors. The standard size is 3/8″. There are also other sizes available. This is great for playgrounds and walking areas. Pea Gravel is very easy to walk on. It is also great for house borders to beautify your home.