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We will check on the status of your lawn every 5 - 9 days to see if it needs serviced. The frequency will depend on the weather. If it does need serviced, we will go ahead and take care of it. If your lawn is less than 4", we will skip your service that week and you will not be charged. We have learned from experience, this is the best way to properly maintain the growth of your lawn throughout the season.

Leaves mulched and blown to curb for city to sweep up **Most Popular/Budget Friendly**Leaves mulched, blown, bagged and left on your property for your disposalLeaves mulched, blown, bagged and removed from propertyTrim Hedges/Prune Small Trees & Bushes

Weeding (Garden & Flower Beds)MulchLawn EdgingTrim Hedges/Prune Small Trees & BushesSpring Clean-Up

*Mowing services may take up to 3 business days to receive service upon estimate approval.

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