Christmas Donation/ Fil A Yard Cart

Help a family in need this season!!

Neatness Lawn Care LLC – You may not be able to change the out come of president but you can change a local child’s Christmas. Fil a yard cart is in full swing. We have a few families in need of help this season. Thanksgiving is coming up and so is black Friday. How cool would it be that while out getting deals you were able to grant a child a gift that wouldn’t have anything this year. Making America great again doesn’t start with the president. IT STARTS WITH US CARING for one another. If you would like a copy of our list check the comments I will post it there. . Stay tuned for when and where you can drop off the items. This is put On By Neatness Lawn Care. | Facebook

If you would like to donate on this website go to pay now heading and in the invoice section put LOVE and it will be used to help these families.  Any amount will help.

Thank You,

Darin Ness