Lawn Aeration And Over Seeding Indiana

Lawn Aeration and Over Seeding Columbus Indiana

Practically speaking, lawn aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve soil aeration.

This practice is the best thing that could be done to your lawn to improve health and vigor. In most home lawns, the natural soil has been seriously disturbed by the building process. Fertile topsoil may have been removed leaving subsoil that is more compact, higher in clay content and less desirable for healthy lawn growth. Even when topsoil is added before lawns are planted, it is generally too thin to support proper turfgrass rooting, which will reach 8″ below the surface. In addition to this, lawns are exposed to further compaction from human activity such as walking, playing and mowing. Rain and irrigation also compacts soil particles, reducing large air spaces where roots can readily grow.

Our lawn aeration service in Columbus, Franklin, Greenwood Indiana will improve the depth and extent of turfgrass rooting, allowing better water uptake and enhancing fertilizer use. Aeration also greatly speeds up thatch breakdown by incorporating soil into the thatch. This will allow organisms to break down the thatch and reduce its accumulation. This aeration will also minimize the damage that heavy thatch causes by allowing water, fertilizer and pesticide to reach the soil more.

After Lawn Aeration in Columbus Indiana

It is highly suggested to fertilize and seed lawns immediately following aerating. For soil that is heavily compacted, cover the lawn with a quarter inch of compost and rake so that it falls into aeration holes. Water your lawn a few extra times after aeration, especially when in hot or dry weather.